Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise (Day 4) - Allure of the Seas (West Caribbean)

Day 4! We're to arrive at Falmouth, Jamaica today.
Cruises really think of everything including booking shore excursions right on the ship. We were part of the last minute booking club and had to line up to book our excursions the day before.

The breakfast at the Windjammer was a lot better today! Maybe because they know that the passengers aren't really going to be eating lunch on this ship - and so they put together a more impressive spread?
Omelette, roasted tomato, french toast and hash browns - yummy!

Fruit! It's so important to have fruit on vacation (and everything was perfectly ripe and juicy)

Smoked salmon!
You can never go wrong with smoked salmon for breakfast. 

It was stunningly pretty at our lunch spot.

We all got a complementary rum punch which was pretty yummy - until the hard rum hit you after. 
Buffet: Spaghetti, jerk chicken, goat curry and rice
Cookies, rum cake, and some kind of roll with jam
(started feeling that rum punch)

Back on the ship for our dinner! Our waiters have fully recognized us and they know us so well that they prepare everything to our preferences (including getting me a hot water with lemon every time).
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Crab cake
Wow - I didn't expect such a big crab cake. However, it was really good, so I was pretty happy with it.

Arugula and Bosc Pear Salad
Pretty good as well! I like the pairing of bitter arugula with sweet pear and blue cheese.

Smoked duck breast and summer fruit medley
I couldn't help laughing at the summer fruit medley, but I did order a few of them after I saw it so that I could eat them after the meal.

Braised Beef Duo with short rib and shoulder
Super tender beef with some great seasonal vegetables and crispy onions on top! Really delicious!

Cilantro crusted cod loin
Presentation wise - it was a little strange and slightly off-putting, but it tasted okay.

Manhattan Strip Steak and orecchiette pasta
I've been eyeing that steak option on the classic menu since it's available every night (this one is my friend's steak) - it was really good! It was tender and aged perfectly, but it's a LOT of red meat. You have to make sure to wear stretchy pants if you're going to be eating this much meat (and all the other courses). The orecchiette was pretty good - nothing really special though.

Jaffa cake, pistachio ice cream and strawberry trifle
I liked the jaffa cake and the pistachio ice cream was okay.

Berry tart, chocolate sensation, pistachio ice cream
The chocolate sensation was yummy! The berry tart was...not a tart.

Cherries Jubilee and Orange ice cream
The orange ice cream was tart and I didn't really like the cherries jubilee.

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