Sunday, 5 February 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise (Day 1) - Allure of the Seas (West Caribbean)

My first cruise experience! A lot of people have said that the food on cruise ships is amazing! (especially if you don't get seasick) - so here are my food adventures on the ship. 

We boarded the ship around lunch and started exploring once we dropped our stuff off at the cabin. 
We were staying on same deck as the Park Cafe (Deck 8), so we went to grab lunch there.

Smoked salmon salad and roast beef on a bun
I couldn't believe they gave me that much salmon! The guy behind the counter may have given me a little too much dressing, but the rest of the veggies in the salad were pretty fresh! The roast beef was okay. 

Chicken Panini and vanilla cake
The panini was perfectly toasted and crispy and really very yummy! The cake was okay - I'm glad it was a small portion though so I could save space for all the other delicious things I wanted to eat!
This was an excellent start to the cruise! The food was pretty good so far!

Soft Serve Ice Cream
Chocolate and vanilla mix on the Pool deck! I could definitely get used to this lifestyle.

Then we hit the Windjammer Buffet and my eyes got super wide - they had so much food!
Pistachio cake
I was pretty full from lunch - but I couldn't resist the pistachio cake! It had a slight pistachio flavour, but mostly I think it was green and sponge-y. 

After a lot of running around, we made it back to American Icon Grill (the main restaurant) for our "My Time Dining Reservation". I didn't understand "My Time" dining, but basically, we just made it on time everyday for our dinner meals especially since we had a table of 10. 

I have to admit: I was overwhelmed when I saw this menu. You know when you get a really good menu filled with everything you like to eat or would love to order and try (but you know your stomach couldn't possible handle it)? This was exactly my dilemma (first world problems). The craziest part was there were no prices (except for the upgrades) which means you could hypothetically order EVERYTHING on the menu to try it or order MULTIPLES of things that you like. This was a foodie's DREAM - especially since I've already paid for all the food and service. 
Highlights: escargot, shrimp cocktail, pork chop, salmon, prime rib, steak - OMG how do I choose? 

Good thing this portion was small - so I could handle all the other food.

Escargot and Strawberry Kiwi medley
The escargot were lovely all covered in a garlic-herb butter and the strawberry and kiwi medley felt like it should've been a fruit dessert rather than an appetizer.

Aromatic Asian Coconut Seafood soup and Toasted Farro and Lamb broth
All I can say is...interesting

Prime Rib and Seafood Spaghetti
It was so good! The prime rib was really tender and juicy with lots of flavour from the sauce and the seafood spaghetti was yummy pasta with a light cream sauce and lots of seafood. I'm super impressed by all this yummy food!

Blueberry Peach Crumble and Mango Pudding
If I could've eaten all of the desserts, trust me - I would have. As it was, I had to negotiate with my friends to get them to try other desserts and share desserts because I wanted so badly to try everything.
I would get the mango pudding again - you can't even taste that it's low-fat.

Carrot cake and moist almond chocolate cake
Both of these were really yummy! I loved the icing on the carrot cake and the chocolate cake was nicely complimented by the cherries.

OMG! What a first day! I can't believe how delicious the food is - and I heard it's only going to get better with lobster night 😋

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