Sunday, 12 February 2017

Royal Caribbean Cruise (Day 8) - Allure of the Seas (West Caribbean)

Our last meal before we disembark in Fort Lauderdale and head home. 
We went to our favourite quick service breakfast place on the ship: Park Cafe for one last panini and smoked salmon meal. 
Fruit cups, cantaloupe cups, yogurt with granola, smoked salmon salad, pressed panini sandwiches and a breakfast sandwich. 
The panini sandwiches were so good with pesto, melted cheese and meat. Then they had that perfect crispy crust on the outside. The smoked salmon salad didn't really have that many ingredients after a while (there was quite a line on the last day). 

Overall: I loved the eating experience on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas! Granted, it's my first cruise and this is all I can go by, but I thought the quality and quantity of the food on the ship was fantastic. There were so many delicious things every night that it's hard to pick a favourite meal because every meal was phenomenal. It'd have been even better if I didn't get seasick, but that's cruise traveling for you. Be prepared for seasickness and eat amazing food in full all-you-can-eat style. It's also amazing how you don't have to worry about paying on the ship - everything can be charged to your room and you can settle up at Guest Services or through your credit card. Royal Caribbean makes it a pretty seamless process for you (which is amazing considering there's probably 5,000 passengers on board with you). 

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