Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tosto's Quickfire Pizza Pasta @ Bayview & Eglinton

To celebrate the opening of Tosto's at Bayview & Eglinton, they gave out some coupons to try it out. 
I've tried the Tosto's on Bay and the food was okay (but oversalted). I'm hoping these dishes aren't as salty. 

It definitely wasn't as crowded as the Bay location for dinner on a Tuesday night.
Aragosta and Nero
Aragosta is a linguine with lobster, tomatoes, caper, chili flakes and parsley. Again, it was still too salty, but there was a lot of lobster and it had an olive oil sauce. The Nero is a squid ink linguine with shrimp, garlic, tomatoes, capers, parsley, chili flake and salmon caviar (which added a really neat crunchy and jelly texture to the dish). The Nero was interesting and not as salty as I thought it would be - definitely the better pasta of the two. 

Overall: The food was okay - it's consistent with the quality at the Bay location and there's less crowds. However, I still found the food very salty. 

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