Monday, 22 October 2012

Sansotei Ramen

The new ramen place on the block with Sansotei opening up on Dundas Street West between University and Bay (in direct competition with Kenzo two blocks east on Dundas) and it's been getting rave reviews.
Before the 12pm Lunch rush                               12pm Lunch rush

The four 6-seater tables means that it's a bit of a tetris game for the wait staff: how many combinations of people can I make to maximize the seating space? (It's like I'm in Grade 12 Data Management all over again). 
Tonkotsu ramen $9.25
Pork Bone broth with black fungus, egg, chashu and green onions
Wow - this broth is AMAZING! Creamy, rich and flavourful - it wasn't too salty and it was a great way to tie all the ingredients together. The chashu was a nice balance of fat and meat and yummy on its own. It was such a great bowl of ramen that I finished it all:  

Overall: I'll definitely be back! It's really perfect for a quick 1/2 hour lunch - quick service, decent price and delicious food: Sansotei's ramen is the perfect way to warm you up on a chilly day - hearty and yummy. 

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