Thursday, 18 August 2016

Budapest, Hungary

The next stop on the Eastern Europe Bus Tour was Budapest
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After the cruise, we were dropped off near Matthias Church and we had some time to grab lunch (and dessert).
Raspberry Pistachio Cake
Other than the crust, there wasn't a lot of pistachio flavour in the cake. It was okay. 

For dinner, we had the option to pay extra for a Hungarian Dinner Experience with dancing and a five course meal at Budafoki Borkatakumba. Some people on the tour opted out, but we decided to try it out.
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It was really rich and you could taste the liver flavour. (Also a huge portion that I couldn't finish). 

Vegetable Soup
Hungarian Dancers! They were really good and they kept us interested with all the changes in costume.
Duck, ham, potatoes and buckwheat
The duck leg was okay.  It was good dark meat, but a little dry. The buckwheat was pretty good (I can't say I've eaten a lot of buckwheat before). 
Cake with whipped cream
It was fluffy and there was a lot of alcohol in it. 

Breakfast the next morning:
Huge cake, muffin, banana bread, banana, eggs, potatoes, sausage, cold cut of ham, tomatoes and eggs. 

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