Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Prague, Czech Republic

We started the Eastern Europe bus tour in Frankfurt, Germany. 
The second day we were in Prague (Praha)
 Wenceslas Square

Our tour group gave us some time to explore the area around Wenceslas Square and grab a quick meal:
So we sat down at a "Typical Czech Restaurant" (Cafe Svateho Vaclava)

Roasted Piglet

Some bread

Assorted Czech platter with pork, ham, sausage and 3 types of dumplings
The pork was flavourful and tender and really yummy. The dumplings were really interesting, especially since I'm used to Asian dumplings of meat wrapped in dough. It was kinda fun eating these different dumplings made of bread, potato and stuffing (with pork and vegetable).
The gravy tied it all together.

Baked aubergine and vegetable ragout
Another yummy dish! The eggplants and vegetables were nicely seasoned.

Roasted Piglet
So much meat! It was also really tasty and juicy despite looking kind of dry on the skewer outside the restaurant. There were a lot of sour flavour accompaniments with the mustard, coleslaw and pickles (I wasn't really a fan of the side dishes).

The next day, we got our breakfast at the hotel:

Croissant, bread, scrambled eggs, ham, cucumbers and lettuce and jam (a strange mix).

Oranges and a whole bunch of different breads.

And then we went to the Prague Castle and Old Town area:
Nearby there were stands selling pork (yay more meat!) and sausages:

We grabbed our roasted pork and sausage lunch (and they gave us bread to accompany it) and stood around eating our lunch and taking in the sights, sounds and tourists in the Old Town Square.
The pork was drier than our meal at Cafe Svateho Vaclava the day before, but I guess it's all about the ambiance here.  The sausage was okay.
Trdelnik (Chimney cones) are a specialty in the Czech Republic and I was really excited when I saw the pistachio option! 
Unfortunately, it wasn't that exciting when I actually tried it since all they did was spread the lightly flavoured pistachio cream inside and charged us an extra $1 USD for it (we didn't have Czech Repubic Koruna). 

Overall: Food in the Czech Republic is REALLY cheap and there's a lot of meat (mostly pork), potatoes (and dumplings) and bread. 

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