Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Bratislava, Slovakia

After Prague, we arrived in Bratislava to stay the night. 
The tour accommodations are usually outside of the city centre (to save on costs) and so we were stuck trying to find dinner options in Bratislava. Luckily our hotel NH Bratislava Gate One (besides being really nice and brand new) was connected to the Bory Mall and we had an hour to explore the mall for dinner options.  

Pork Schnitzel and rice
Those were some interesting rice balls, but pork schnitzel was a little dry. 

Chicken schnitzel with potato salad
The chicken schitzel was much better (but there wasn't a lot of chicken inside the breaded topping - which was weird) and the potato salad was actually really yummy. 

Chinese food in Bratislava!
Shrimp, green beans, broccoli and rice
The soy sauce used in Bratislava is very different from the one I'm used to eating in Canada. 
However, they gave us a pretty sizable portion (and with the exchange rate - food in Bratislava is SUPER CHEAP) - so it was a good value-for-money dish. 

Doner Kebab from the Turkish restaurant next to McDonalds
It was okay - not as good as the ones I've had in Berlin.

Apricot Sundae!
I had no idea apricots were so popular in Eastern Europe, so I bought myself a little treat and it was delicious!

Breakfast at the hotel the next morning: 

More apricots! 
Hash browns, bagels, tomato, eggs, sauteed mushrooms, sausage, breakfast cake and ham
Pretty good breakfast - our whole experience at NH hotel was great! (The only downside is the location since it's so far from the city centre). 

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