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Desserts Plus

August 6, 2016
The menu's prices went up a bit from 2012.
Chicken Parmigiana with bucantini matrigiana
Oh man - this was like tomato sauce paradise. Their tomato sauce is so flavourful and it has that perfect balance of not being too tart or too sweet (or just too much tomato). The bucantini was delicious and the chicken parmigiana was just so tasty with all that cheese and sauce - it was fantastic! 

Pollo alla griglia with penne alla vodka
The chicken portion was huge and the pasta was a delicious side dish to the chicken.  The tomato vodka sauce was perfectly soaked into each penne - it was SO GOOD and the pasta was the perfect al dente. I could eat their pastas all the time - it was so good! 
Frittura Mista with angel hair pesto
The first few bites of battered and fried calamari, shrimp, sole, cuttlefish and cod were pretty good - then I got a little sick of eating all that fried food. The angel hair pesto was as good as I remember, but probably not the best accompaniment to the fried seafood. 

Overall: The food is amazing! The portions are huge and delicious - great value for money and the service is pretty quick. (I can't believe it's been so long since I've last been here - but Woodbridge is pretty far for me). 

January 27, 2012
Our boss organized a dinner at Desserts Plus in Woodbridge and after reading all the reviews about Desserts Plus, my co-workers and I were very intrigued since it seemed like there were mixed opinions. Most of the reviews mentioned bad or negligent service (especially for big groups), long wait times, but really great food. We went as a group of 15 people and I'm happy to say that our doubts about the restaurant and the service were disproved! We got good service, the food came out pretty quickly for a table of 15 people and it was delicious as well as great value!

The elusive menu (online):
Not the largest selection of Italian Food I've ever seen - but the interesting part is that each meat dish comes with your choice of any of the pastas, salads or veggies. So you can order something like Chicken parmigiana and Angel Hair Pesto (without worrying about the fact that these two sauces don't go well together). 

Typical Italian dinner consists of lots of food, lots of red wine and good company and we definitely had that. Lots of pizza, appetizers, salad, then our main courses - some of the group was brave enough to try for dessert after. Most of us were in food comas after half our dinners.

Veggie Pizza
Fantastic crust - perfectly thin and crispy baked in a wood oven. The pizza was great with a huge variety of vegetables. Definitely an different experience having grilled zucchini and artichoke hearts on top but it worked really well. 

Grilled Calamari
Very nicely done as it was fresh, tender and the portions were huge. It didn't have the 'gummy' taste of overcooked calamari although it was slightly charred. 

Delicious! The hard crusty bread soaked in the olive oil and in combination with the tomato and basil spread - it tasted fantastic together. Crunchy and flavourful.

Chicken Parmigiana and Angel Hair Pesto
The breaded chicken cutlet was thin but there was a lot of it and it was covered with the right amount of marinara sauce and cheese - yum! The Angel Hair Pesto was a pleasant surprise - absolutely amazing pesto and the angel hair absorbed the flavour very well. Eating pesto at Desserts Plus reminded me of the pesto pasta I had in Cinque Terre - they both had bold taste, but the pesto in Cinque Terre was fresher and more aromatic. Still the pesto here definitely reminded me of real authentic pesto from Italy - definitely a job well done in Canada.

Veal Sorrentino and Rigatoni alla Vodka
The veal was cooked to perfection! Tender, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Huge portion size - like 3 pieces of the Veal Sorrentino and a large grilled eggplant. The pasta was also delicious: the sauce was creamy and not too heavy on the vodka or the bacon so it wasn't overwhelming. 

And of course - the all-you-can-put-on-top-of-your-pasta parmigiano-reggiano cheese.

You really can't go wrong here - the prices are fantastic for the delicious food you get here! Portions are huge and you definitely get bang for your buck here with your choice of any pasta dish plus a meat dish for about $15 to $20 (excl. taxes and tip). A fantastic Italian restaurant!

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