Monday, 22 August 2016

Frankfurt, Germany

August 15, 2016

We arrived in Frankfurt just in time for the Apple wine Festival!
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They cook sausages over an open fire and on a rotating tray! 
Apfelwein spitz
A fantastic alcholic summer-y drink!

Flammkuchen (a German/French pizza made with fresh cheese or creme fraiche) 
The flammkuchen was really yummy with a nice thin and crispy crust and cheese, ham and peppers on top. 

Frankfurter Green Sauce with schnitzel, eggs and potatoes
A Frankfurt specialty! The green sauce dish is a summer dish and has lots of herbs in it. It was pretty good and there was enough sauce for the schnitzel, eggs and potatoes. Definitely worth a try!

For dinner, we went to a German restaurant that the hotel staff told us about: 

Pork Knuckle
This was really disappointing compared to the pork knuckle I had in Berlin 5 years ago. 
There was barely any sauce and the meat was mostly dry. The dish also seemed like they were trying to give us a ton of sauerkraut and potatoes to compensate for the smaller pork knuckle portion.

August 16, 2016
Breakfast at the Hotel

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They had the cutest tea pots and tea bags! 
Lots of options for breakfast including smoked salmon, pastries, eggs, tomatoes (not sure I understand the tomatoes with cheese), pancakes, potato wedges and more!

Outside of Frankfurt, on our way to Prague, we stopped at a gas station for lunch and a bathroom break: 

Schnitzel and vegetables
You gotta love the schnitzel in Germany - the portions are HUGE and it was pretty tasty (the vegetables were good too). 

August 21, 2016
Coming back from the Black Forest, we stopped by the train station to drop off some people and pick up dinner. So many options (and only 1/2 hour to grab food). 

More Schnitzel and Scalloped potatoes
After eating so much schnitzel throughout the trip, I feel like I needed one last schnitzel to properly end my Eastern Europe experience. The potatoes were fantastic (I could eat a ton of those potatoes). 
Chinese food
My family got sick of schnitzel. 

August 22, 2016

Breakfast at the same hotel
No smoked salmon, but there was smoked trout, apricots and plums - still as delicious as the first day!

Since we had almost an entire day in Frankfurt before our flight in the late afternoon, we decided to go on a search for Baumkuchen (and found it in a Galleria rather than a bakery). I also found out about the Frankfurter Kranz, a Frankfurt specialty cake. 

Slice of the Frankfurter Kranz
Surprisingly dense sponge cake with layers of buttercream and nuts along the side. 
It was good, but it wasn't anything exceptional. 

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