Monday, 1 February 2016

Est West Cafe

February 1, 2016
Now whenever I feel like eating a slightly healthier lunch, I go t Est West. 
Another small salad with two types of pasta salads (one was a creamy tuna and the other was tomato sauce) and I got some broccoli and some other salads crammed into this small container.  It was yummy as always and such a cheap deal.

November 24, 2015
Tucked away in the corner of the food court in the Ontario Power Building at 700 University is probably one of the cheapest and most filling lunches you can get for under $6. 

Small Salad 
The box was jam packed with all the salads and miscellaneous items they had prepared. 
I had glass noodles, tuna pasta shells, penne pasta, peppers, broccoli and so much more crammed into that tiny container.  And all of this was super filling for less than $6 including taxes. 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pan on the Danforth

We've been tempted to try the Summerlicious/Winterlicious at Pan on the Danforth for years, but the timing somehow never worked out - until now. The lunch menu looked great for $18. 

20160131_120821 20160131_120824

Trilogy of Spreads: Taramosalata, Humus, Tirokafteri with pita
All the spreads were really good! and they gave us a ton of pita to dip it with. 

Kolokithokeftedes: zucchini croquettes with feta, kefalograviera cheese and herbs
The croquettes were great! So tasty and the mixed greens on top added a nice flavour as well. 

Pan Chicken Souvlaki
The chicken was tender and seasoned well, the tzatziki was a little too thick though which made it harder to dip the chicken into the sauce since it didn't stick. Also, I have to admit, I love the Jimmy the Greek potatoes and these ones didn't cut it for me.  

Kota Kai Aginares (Artichoke with chicken)
It was okay - the chicken souvlaki was better.

Pork Souvlaki Dinner
The pork was nicely seasoned, but it just wasn't as good as the tender juicy chicken (everything is relative).

Havlas - sweet made with semolina and raisins
This dessert was really soaked in syrup - very sweet.

Ravani: cake with honey syrup
In contrast to the havlas, this cake was really dry.

Overall: Decent 3-course Greek meal at Pan on the Danforth. It was nice to finally try it and the service was pretty good. 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Silver Star Food Court

I started going to this food court on Silver Star Boulevard when it first opened years ago. Back then, it was a hidden gem with a lot of really cheap and delicious food (like huge freshly breaded and fried chicken fingers for $5 and this amazing Shanghainese stall with the best beef and onion rolls). However, the lack of traffic those first few years caused my favourite shops to close and I haven't really been back until now.  The only shop that's consistent is Canton Kitchen. 

Stir Fry Noodles (from the Green shop)
Really good! and super cheap for less than $5
Ma Po Tofu on rice (not pictured above - but to the right of where I was sitting)
A little bland - but there was a lot of tofu and a lot of rice for $6 including the soup.