Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Passion - Hong Kong

Location: The Johnston Suites Hong Kong Serviced Apartments, 74-80 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
We were in Wan Chai for the day and a friend recommended a French restaurant and patisserie with some amazing desserts. 

I never get sick of this view! It's so amazing! 

On Amoy Street
IMAG4622 IMAG4623
Wow! Everything looked so good in here! There were gourmet sandwiches, salads, cakes, macarons, tarts, French breads and a whole lot more.

S'mores hot chocolate, Red Berry Cupcake, mango coconut and pistachio macaron and pear tart
The macarons were perfect! The feet were perfectly done and the fillings were really tasty - c'est très délicieux! The pear tart was really nicely done too with a crispy crust and sweet glazed pears on top. The cupcake wasn`t really a cupcake - it was a cake baked into the porcelain cup and really heavy strawberry buttercream placed on top. 

Cream of asparagus soup and desserts! 
The soup was very nice - flavourful and hearty.

Corned Beef Brisket with Melted Cheese
I thought it was so much better toasted! The sandwich was nice and everything, but it was really the salads that stood out here: 

Large salad: Fruity Turkey Salad, Mixed Greens and Californian Shell Pasta
OMG! I loved the Californian Shell Pasta salad - it was soooo good! It was this great combination of everything I like: pasta, a nice thick and creamy sauce and chunks of chicken. The fruity turkey salad was good too and the mixed greens were okay (pretty normal) - but the pasta salad was definitely the highlight. 

Overall: Great place for desserts and for lunch! I really enjoyed everything I had here and I'd love to come back and try everything on their menu since it all looks so good! 

Cheung Sing Cafe - HK

Location: 9 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
July 29, 2013
IMAG2880 IMAG2881
Cheung Sing Cafe, a popular Cha Chan Teng in Happy Valley, is conveniently located right next to the bus stop. It almost makes sense that they have two floors and a quick serve counter for busy Hong Kongers.
IMAG2875 IMAG2879
Simple straightforward menus and cheap prices
The breakfasts come with a milk tea or coffee, two eggs and toast (for under $33 HKD)
Macaroni and ham with fried eggs
Pickled vegetables and pork vermicelli
Fast, easy, tasty and cheap - that's what it's all about

Aug 3, 2013
Since breakfast was so inexpensive, we decided to come back and grab a quick dinner after our trip to Sheung Shui.
Dinner is still pretty cheap for under $55 HKD
Dried bok choy soup with pork (choy kon tong)
Simple and tasty with pork bone and bok choy

Beef and Broccoli
The beef and broccoli was really good; there was a lot of sauce and the flavour was all there. Yum!

Spaghetti with Fish Filet covered in Portuguese Sauce
I was seriously craving something other than Chinese food, so I asked for Asian style spaghetti. I got this huge plate of spaghetti with fish filet and sweet Portuguese sauce for $52. The fish was soft (almost mushy), but it worked well with the Portuguese sauce. 

Choy Sum
Oxtail hotpot
The oxtail was enjoyable with some tender meat (it might have been fall-off-the-bone tender with a little more time). I liked the ketchup based sauce with sweet onions and carrot as it added sweetness to the bowl and made a good pairing with white Jasmine rice.

July 22, 2014
Wow, it's kind of crazy looking back and realizing that the last time I ate here was almost exactly a year ago! What would I do without my food blog? haha

 We arrived in time for a late lunch.
So we ordered some cha siu vermicelli, pork vermicelli and a fried egg and bun combo which was all delicious and super cheap (they even came with complementary drinks and of course, we got the delicious milk tea).
 This deliciously smooth and tasty milk tea goes well with everything!

The next morning, we went back again for a take out breakfast of buns

Hot dog buns (or sausage bun), ham and egg bun and a raisin twist
All of the buns had this really light and fluffy texture and were really tasty (much more so than buns in Toronto). There's a real difference between freshly baked buns and buns that have been sitting there for a while. Cheung Sing was constantly refilling their take-out counter with new buns.

Pineapple bun with sesame seeds on top
Really yummy! Perfect top crispy layer and soft doughy bread inside (and who can forget the milk tea?) Great breakfast! And super cheap and quick. I'd take this over McDonalds in Hong Kong any day.

Overall: Great place for a quick service meal, cheap prices and good food! There's definitely a reason why it's so popular - you can't really go wrong with anything you order. 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Taipei - Taiwan

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan
We finally arrived back to Taipei!
The first thing we did was have lunch at the Five Dime Driftwood RestaurantIMAG4569 IMAG4572
An artsy kind of restaurant
Definitely different from any restaurant I've ever eaten at
IMAG4573 IMAG4574
A doughy dessert (?) and stir-fry chicken

Fried Mantou (which was really good) and a salted vegetable dish

Lunch is served

Then we went to Taipei 101 tower to walk around the mall with all the expensive brand name stores:

Taipei 101 Tower

We grabbed bubbletea at Chatime (one of the popular bubbletea places in Taiwan)
IMAG4578 IMAG4579
The bubbleteas here are different from the ones back in Canada, but we just decided to try their normal milk tea with pearls:
Really good! Milk tea just tastes so much better in Asia than in North America
Smooth and creamy with that fantastic tea flavour...yummy!

We were left on our own for dinner and with the recommendation of our tour guide, we went to the Core Pacific City Living Mall food court next to our hotel in Taipei for some really good Taiwanese beef noodle soup.
IMAG4591 IMAG4592
There were quite a few places to choose from, so we got something from each Taiwanese food shop.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
Super famous in Taiwan (I was a little surprised we didn't have it on our tour, but we finally got it on our last day!)
Yum! Lived up to its name - it was really good with huge chunks of beef, tasty broth and a little hint of spiciness.


I love eating these steamed soup dumplings and these were pretty good (and they didn't come with the brand name price tag!). They didn't pass the sturdy stem test, but they had great flavour and they were super cheap compared to Din Tai Fung and King Ping Tea Restaurant.


Taiwanese Pork Chop with rice, tofu, beansprouts, bok choy and soup
The salt and pepper pork chop was really tasty by itself, but it was better paired with the rice and sauce. Every side dish was delicious and so tasty. I could definitely eat another serving of this!

I was really impressed by this food court! This was probably one of the better meals of our Taiwan trip. We got drinks for dessert:

Mixed Fruit juice, orange juice and watermelon juice
Our lazy way of getting our serving of fruit

The next morning, we grabbed a quick breakfast at the Golden Garden Hotel Buffet Breakfast before heading out to catch our flight
I was pretty excited to see garlic toast (and a microwave oven to toast it!)

Eggplant, eggs, ham and choy
The eggplant was pretty good, but everything else was kinda forgettable.

When we finally got to the airport, I remembered that one of my friends' suggested that I try the Rose Tea Latte since Taiwan is the only place in the world that offers it (and apparently it's REALLY GOOD). So I grabbed a rose tea latte and a lemon tart while I was waiting for my flight:

The rose tea latte was really good! It didn't have an overwhelming rose aroma since it was mellowed out by the milk, but I still found it aromatic and gave me the impression that it was an elegant drink (probably cause it was so pricey and delicate tasting). The cake was okay - I liked the lime rinds