Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sushi Box

My old office used to order Sushi Box in for lunch every so often. 
Chicken Teriyaki bento box
A rather simple meal, but quite filling considering the portion size above. The shop is owned by a very nice Korean family that also give out miso soup with every meal. (I liked the chap chae noodles the best out of my lunch box). 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Casa Manila

After Sorento's, I was still craving dessert and I've really wanted to try the Halo Halo at Casa Manila for about 2 weeks (ever since another friend mentioned Filipino food). So here we are!
Chicken Sisig fries
I saw this on "You Gotta Eat Here" and in the spirit of eating everything I've always wanted, my friend and I decided to split this and the halo halo and another dessert (we were being super overambitious for two Asian girls - but in our defense, we did eat EVERYTHING). 
The fries were really good! It was like Filipino Canadian poutine. I loved that they were on the hot plate, because it kept our fries warm when we got distracted by dessert. The flavours and textures of the Chicken sisig fries were great! You got savoury, tangy, sweet (from the onions) and crispy from the chicken and fries. Yum!

Halo Halo and Leche Flan
OMG the Halo Halo was everything I dreamed...but it was a lot bigger than I expected. 
The ube ice cream was amazing...the jelly stuff was "interesting" and it was all so sweet and yummy together that I just kept eating. 
The flan was really good too, but I think we should've just kept it at the Halo Halo for dessert (we were like comatose after our meal - considering we also had pasta dinner at Sorento's). 

Sorento Restaurant

I had a craving for Italian and originally I was planning on going to Frankie Tomatto's for AYCE Italian. However, by the time my friend got off work, I wasn't that hungry, so we went to Sorento near Don Mills and Eglinton instead. 
Gnocchi Russa with rose sauce, mushrooms, spinach and sun dried tomatoes
Yum! Gnocchi - the pasta was a nice al dente, but we weren't huge fans of the sauce. 

Spaghetti Sorento's Way with chicken breast, onion, bacon and spinach in a pesto white wine cream sauce
A decent portion size and pretty tasty. 

Overall: Service was great and the food was pretty reasonably priced and tasty. It's not the best Italian, but it'll definitely do when I have an Italian craving.