Monday, 11 April 2016


April 11, 2016
The last time I went to Maman's I saw the pistachio cake and knew I had to come back and try it (see pistachio obsession).
Pistachio Cake
I liked the white chocolate icing with pistachios, but the cake was a little strange for me.  It was a pistachio pound cake with a kind of moist inside and slightly charred outside edge (under the icing).
I didn't really like it even though it had the pistachio flavour.

Lavendar Blueberry Cake
I liked this cake a lot better than the pistachio cake.  The cake was really nice and exactly what I expected from a pound cake and there was this lovely blueberry and vanilla flavour.  The lavendar blueberry icing was really good too.

November 25, 2015
I was meeting up with some friends for lunch in the area and my friend raved about Maman's chocolate chip cookies (which are really popular in the financial district). 
Cookie to go!
The store is really beautifully designed and they have some delicious lunch and dessert options. I might come back to try that pistachio cake!

Cookie - $3
It was gooey with melted bittersweet chocolate and huge macadamia nuts, but it was a little salty (which was rather weird).  They might have had an off-day baking the cookies - but it was definitely not worth $3 to me.  I've had better cookies at Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton and they weren't as expensive either!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Red Lobster @ Sheppard & Warden

I love Red Lobster, but I feel like I always overindulge on creamy, cheesy, buttery and garlicky seafood meals (and biscuits) every time I visit since I get this "Red Lobster" food-over (like hangover with heavy food) the next day.  It's like garlic-butter seafood regrets the next day (it probably doesn't help that the carb and sodium content is through the roof here either).
Anyways, I got this coupon for a free appetizer with two entree meals and I was super excited to go!
Cheesy Biscuits
Sadly, not so cheddar cheesy as they used to taste (and omg the original cheddar biscuits were amazing - but a total meal in themselves).  The biscuits were warm, flaky and most importantly unlimited (if your stomach could handle it).

Lobster Artichoke and Cheese Dip and Chips
Oooo this is what I mean by overindulgence of cheese and cream sauce goodness! The dip was heavily packed with cream and cheese and a few chunks of lobster - but it was exactly what I expected for a lobster artichoke and cheese dip and the chips were a little flimsy, but they served their purpose. So yummy - and yet so terrible for my health (it's totally a cholesterol-laden appetizer)

Caesar Salad
The salad felt like the "healthy" dish before the garlic butter seafood feast.
I loved that they made sure that every piece of romaine lettuce had dressing (a sign of a well-tossed salad) and there was so much cheese! (throwing shavings of cheese is a little lazier than grating it - but at least this way you know they're not skimping on the cheese).

Crab Linguine Alfredo
We were almost a little frightened by the sauce in this case - it literally looked like melted butter sauce (and a bit of a heart-attack waiting to happen).  The crab meat was soaked in garlic buttery goodness, but the pasta was just way too heavy for us to finish.

Ultimate Feast with Walt's Favourite Shrimp, garlic shrimp, Canadian snow crab legs and Maritime lobster tail with asparagus and rice.
Snow crab and lobster tail!! Do I need to say more? The meat from the crab and the lobster was super sweet and so yummy even without the butter sauce on the side.  The Maritime lobster was a little small, but there was still so much food on the plate that I didn't really mind. So many seafood options! I was in seafood heaven with my breaded shrimp, garlic shrimp, crab legs and lobster tail.

Overall: Service was pretty fast for the most part (it's always the wait for a table that takes the longest - I guess everyone needs time to sit and digest their seafood meals) and if you're looking for a seafood chain restaurant - this is definitely the best there is.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Sik Korea

My friend's going away dinner was at Sik Korea. 

Side dishes: Beancurd strips, chap chae, kimchi and broccoli
All were really good - we got quite a few refills. 

Fried Mandu/Gyoza
The mandu were interesting - they had a thicker skin than gyozas and wo tips I've had before, so they were puffier and you could tell these were deep fried instead of pan fried. 
They were still pretty good. 

Tteokbokki (sometimes spelt with a D?)
Spicy Korean Rice Cakes with gochujang (the spicy red chilli sauce) that Korean food usually uses to add flavour to their dishes (kind of like soy sauce for Chinese food). The sauce was a little spicy but it added the flavour and really made the rice cakes taste a lot better. 

Surprisingly this didn't have the red colour that most gamjatangs I've seen usually have, but the little seeds were really spicy.  This was a huge bowl of pork bones with a ton of meat on the bone which made it a large portion for one person - good value for money here! :) 

Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)
A large bowl of soup with a whole chicken stuffed with sticky rice, ginseng and garlic.  I've been searching for a restaurant in Toronto that could recreate the one I had in South Korea.  Unfortunately, this one didn't really satisfy my craving, it was better than the one I had before in Toronto since the soup had more chicken flavour and was a little thicker and hearty than the watery one I had before. 

Overall: Good Korean food at Sik Korea (I understand why my friend recommended it now!) and the service was pretty fast.