Monday, 28 November 2016

The Gabardine

People have raved about the comfort food at The Gabardine, so I came to try it out:
Fish Tacos
These were pretty tasty, but not the best presentation on the plate. 

Mac n' Cheese
I loved the crust of baked breadcrumbs on top and the whole baked mac and cheese was super tasty and creamy. Delicious!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Put A Cone on It

We passed Put a Cone on It on our way to dinner and we said we'd come back after dinner for their pistachio ice cream and here it is:
Pretty yummy! 
Decent pistachio flavour and not too cream heavy. 

Nice little dessert on my way back to the subway. 

Banjara Indian Cuisine

We came here to celebrate my friend's birthday (and she wanted Indian food)
My terrible photography skills at work (if anyone has any tips, let me know). 
Papadum - super tasty and crispy
Butter chicken Dinner Combo
They've got it down to a science with the plate: yummy flavourful butter chicken, rice, daal curry, aloo gobi, vegetable pakora and rice pudding dessert

And we can't forget the naan!

Overall: Great meal! Nice and flavourful butter chicken with lots of sauce for the rice and naan. The pakora, curry and cauliflower were also really nice. The service was fast which was impressive for a packed restaurant.