Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Works - Kingston (ON)

We were in Kingston to visit my brother and took him out for lunch:
I really like The Works - I think the London location is better than the Toronto location, but I'm hoping the Kingston restaurant is as good as the London location.
951  952
Barking at the Barnyard: 8oz. beef and bacon patty, smoked beef brisket, barking squirrel BBQ sauce, caramelized onion, jack cheese and smoked bacon and fries
Very meaty and bacon-flavoured - it looked like a hot mess, but it was really tasty and meat-centric.

Son of a Beech with avocado, beechhouse sauce, sundried tomato and feta cheese and sweet potato fries
Great burger! They put half an avocado on it and it was pretty tasty. I think the sweet potato fries were the best accompaniment.

chicken and waffles
Chick N' Waffles: Fried chicken breast, bacon, Moosehead beer maple BBQ sauce, fried egg, lettuce, green onions between two Belgian Waffles and Onion Rings
I loved this take on Chicken and Waffles! I've been looking for some good Chicken and Waffles for a while and this really hit the spot.  I liked the Moosehead beer and maple BBQ sauce with a bit of sweetness and lots of flavour.  The fried egg and the waffles made this amazing. I would totally eat this again!

Overall: Great burgers at The Works! I think the Kingston location is definitely better than the Toronto one.  The service was quick, food was great and prices were pretty reasonable.

The WORKS - Gourmet Burger Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday, 18 September 2015


For my friend's birthday, she wanted sushi and suggested we eat at Etsu.

Chirashi Bowl
Really colourful and lots of fresh fish in the gigantic bowl. There was a lot of variety in textures and flavours from chewy surf clams to slippery octopus and thick slicks of tuna.

Meanwhile, I decided to get the Dinner Bento box which includes salad and miso soup:

Salmon Teriyaki, butterfish, salmon & tuna sashimi, tempura and crispy fried rice balls (?)
Pretty good! Originally when I chose the salmon it was because I didn't feel like eating a heavy meal with chicken or beef. However, I forgot that there was sashimi on the side - so there was a lot of fish. Luckily it was all really good, I liked the sashimi and I thought the selection was pretty good. 
Definitely a lot of food though - a huge dinner portion. 

Overall: Great Japanese food at Etsu, the service was really good even though we sat outside and there were a lot of big tables inside. Enjoyable and yummy!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Shawarma Empire

I came here on a recommendation - apparently Shawarma Empire has some of the best and cheapest shawarmas in Toronto. 
Outside on a gigantic banner, they advertise that they have a "buy one get one" promotion, but when you go inside - it isn't really a BOGO rather it's $6 for two shawarmas.
They also had quite a line-up all the way to the door during lunch. 

Clockwise from top left: Beef Shawarma, Baklava, Falafel and Chicken shawarma
It's not your typical shawarma since it resembles a pita pocket more than a rolled up shawarma, but it was jam packed with stuff! All the typical toppings were there inside. There was lots of meat and fresh vegetables. We had the option to make them spicy and we asked for a little spicy and they definitely delivered on that. The chicken was really spicy. 
The baklava was really good! Not too sweet (and not too much honey) and it had a great nutty flavour from the crushed nuts and a nice flaky and crispy pastry on top. 
They got a little smushed, but it just made it taste better - the falafel was seasoned and spiced really well. 

Overall: I liked Shawarma Empire - granted the pitas aren't gigantic, but if you can get two for $6 that's a pretty good deal - and you can mix it up too with chicken, beef and/or falafel.  They're all tasty and it's great as a meal or a snack.