Thursday, 5 November 2015

Burrito Bandidos

November 5, 2015
Looking back at my old blog entry, I realized that I've actually had burritos from Burrito Bandidos quite a few times in between.  I've just been a little too lazy to blog every time. :)
Steak and Shrimp burrito bowl 
Every since I've discovered the burrito bowl, I can't help always coming back to it. With a burrito, it's like you're dependent on how the staff pack your burrito and it's all encased in one massive hand-held wrap. In a bowl, you have control over how you want to eat your burrito bowl (or box in this case). It's just so delicious all laid out and you can even toss it as a salad so that every bite is different.  
Also, the shrimp is delicious - definitely try it!

Dec 23, 2011

 Burrito Bandidos has a reputation for the best burritos in Toronto - Eye Magazine, NOW magazine, DineTO and Toronto Life Magazine have rated the burritos here very highly.
My coworkers have also tried this place and raved about how these were some of the best burritos in Toronto (better than Chipotle,Burrito Boyz and Zteca). Therefore, my friend and I decided to try it out for lunch. The store is two blocks north of Yonge and College, so it was a relatively quick walk from College Park and although the store is very tiny and the menu relatively simple - there was still a decent variety of stuff to choose from.

My friend and I both got the Chicken burrito (I got a large and she got a small - but they used the same wrap size - I just got a lot more of the toppings as you can see below). The ingredients were super fresh and we got premium toppings for free with our burrito (contrary to the other burrito places, where they charge you an extra $0.50 - $0.75 for guacamole and cheese).  My burrito was perfect! Crispy skin on the outside, the cheese inside was melted everywhere in the burrito and the chicken was succulent and full of flavour. Definitely worth the $8 something for the lunch - I was so stuffed I could barely eat my dinner later that night. 
Just a warning: my friend got the hot sauce and spicy stuff in her burrito and it didn't sit too well with her stomach... 
Conclusion: Amazing! (for me), the small is definitely better value and I would totally recommend this place  & go back again (but I should probably warn you against the hot sauce...)

Update on Dec 30, 2011
Still as delicious as the first time!
Halibut Burrito! 
Amazing! A bit pricier - but the fish was melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Not as much kapow flavour as the chicken or steak, but still really good! The only size available is Large - so be prepared to pay a bit more.

Halibut and chicken burritos

The steak burrito on the left, halibut in the back and chicken on the right.
I felt that the chicken had the best flavour! (I might be slightly biased since chicken is my favourite type of meat). The ingredients are fresh and I love that they really stuff the burritos with everything you want (including a ton of cheese and guacamole). Consistently amazing! 

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