Saturday, 12 December 2015

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu @ Yonge and Finch

Dec 12, 2015
On a cold winter day, eating soon tofu soup is a great way to warm up. 
It looked pretty good and tasted okay.  I think I like their soon tofu soups here a lot better than the bibimbap, but I'm glad I tried it (I also used a lot of hot sauce to get some flavour out of this). 

May 11, 2012

Top left: beansprouts, radish in kimchi, honey braised beans and kimchi
(the eggs were for the soon tofu )

Combination Soon Tofu with beef, shrimp and mussels (white) and the yummy purple rice
Delicious! What looks like a tiny meal is actually very filling. The purple rice has a subtle flavour to it and when combined with the soup, it really feels like it sticks to your ribs. It's hearty and perfect when the weather's cold because it warms you right up. 
They use really good ingredients in the soup - the tofu is smooth and delicious, the shrimp are tiny and sweet and the mussel still has it's shell on. I like the combination soon tofu more than the seafood one; so if you're trying soon tofu for the first time = get this one!

Seafood Soon Tofu with oyster, shrimp and mussels (white)
This had more of a seafood flavour, but I found that I liked the flavour the beef gave to the overall soup better in the Combination Soon Tofu soup. Also, since I can't eat spicy, I chose to get the white soup which is still very flavourful and really yummy.

Combination Soon Tofu with beef, shrimp and mussels (medium spicy)

Overall: One of the best Soon Tofu places in Toronto. The service is fast, the food is delicious and the price - they offer their Soon Tofu soups for $7.53 + tax (Amazing deal for such a satisfying meal).

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