Friday, 23 December 2016

Dessert Lady

December 23, 2016
A mini pistachio mousse cake!
They did such an amazing job with the hazelnut mousse cake that I knew I had to come back and try the pistachio mousse cake. I pre-ordered the cake a few days before my friend's Christmas party and then brought it to the party. It went over pretty well! The mousse was tasty and not too sweet. 

July 13, 2016
Finally, I got my ice cream (after calling in advance)!

It was really interesting with avocado, coconut and lime flavours and toasted and chopped macadamia nuts. It was a pretty interesting balance with the texture of avocado (and hint of the flavour), coconut flavouring (which was subtle, but you could still taste it) and a tiny pinch of lime. I don't know if I was really a big fan of it - but it was refreshing and different. 

July 7, 2016
Attempt #2 at the Avocado Lime Macadamia Nut ice cream - which failed again since they didn't have the flavour I wanted.  The helpful staff told me that I could call to see if they had the flavour next time. While I was here, I saw the pistachio cupcake and knew I had to get it.
It looks like the most perfect pistachio cupcake ever. I have no words for how beautiful it is. 
There was an extreme heat alert in Toronto, so the cupcake melted on my journey back to work, but it was OH SO YUMMY! Fluffy, light and packed with pistachio flavour and a moist cupcake cake. It was heavenly. 
I also decided to get this Hazelnut Cake because it was adorable (and you never know when you might need an afternoon snack). 
Surprisingly - THIS HAZELNUT CAKE BLEW MY MIND - omg it was SO GOOD! It wasn't too sweet and had this delectable hazelnut buttercream icing between layers of fluffy chocolate cake. It was just so good and the perfect cake size for one. I'll definitely come back over and over again for their cakes because they're AMAZING!

July 5, 2016
While I was here yesterday, I saw some really interesting ice cream flavours and I recalled reading the Best scoops in the city in Toronto Life a while ago - and they named Dessert Lady's Avocado Lime Macadamia Nut as the top ice cream scoop in Toronto. I wanted to try the flavour, but they didn't have it today - so I settled for a guava lime sorbet:

Guava Lime Sorbet
This was a perfect scoop in the cup and it was so tasty and refreshing from the heat wave we've been having. It had a nice tartness from the guava and lime and some sweetness from the guava. Yum! 

July 4, 2016

I was a little early to meet up with some friends and I had a sufficiently bad day to merit some treats. Therefore, I went and splurged on some macarons and I was told that if I spent more than a certain amount, that I would get free fudge - so I bought an extra macaron and got my free fudge.
Macarons by colour: green = pistachio, pink = citrus champagne and blue = maple vanilla 
White chocolate fudge
The macarons were pretty good, but there wasn't anything that really stood out to me with the flavours (even though I love pistachio). The fudge was like eating a block of sugar - it kinda tasted gummy and flavourless. 

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